The Hayffie stories that you need to reed right now

The labyrinth - ok, first you have to read the first book in the series, “may the odds”  but once you get to this one, you will be DUMFOUNDED by the amazingness!  this author needs more support, she actually thinks she sucks!!!! someone should pm her about that, kay?  Just read it… it’s amazing

Fine Line - ok, i’m sure you’ve read this one… it’s wildly popular… but you’d be surprsied to know how few reviews it has!  You people need to review every chapter!!! I know I do :)  anyway, it’s amazing, no? (just in case you haven’t read this amazing story)

Past and present - I was surprised to find that I couldn’t wait for the next chapter… and i wanted more and more and more.  Oh my gosh, Smurfstastegoodontoast got this story spot-on.  If you haven’t read this and this original story ( then you’re missing out!!!  above is the link to the original and below is the sequel.

Of perfume, liquor, and baby bottles: first of all, if anyone else insults flutter, I will personally accompany them to their grave…. :)  just a friendly reminder.  So ANYWAY, this is the most amazing story…. i very much enjoyed it (and though you’d have to live under a rock not to hear of this story) if you haven’t heard of it, you should read it right now!!!

and of course I write Guilty Pleasures…. I know, it sucks!  Um… but here’s the link if you want to know what I write :)  though I doubt you do… XD

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